Logo Design

A selection of logos that I have designed.

Floating Sparrows logo

Floating Sparrows

Floating Sparrows is a small collective of former Greenwich University Ma Web Design & Content planning students who have come together with the aim of continuing to share skills and experiences, collaborate on projects, and organise meetups.

The name was derived from a playful combination of the 'float' CSS property and 'Sparrows', the name of the Student Union bar we gathered in after class. 'Sparrows' felt like a good fit as not only is it where we discovered the value of sharing our experience, it is also a symbol of community, productivity, and creativity. The four sparrows represent each member and have been aligned, or 'floated', left in my design.


Greenwich Connect

A design suggestion for the logo of the University of Greenwich's 'Vision for Learning Innovation'. The aim of which is the creation of networks, digital literacy, collaborative working, interdisciplinary research and enterprising attitudes.

My design combines modern font shapes with universal symbols for internet connection. My aim was to create some sense of movement, and a representatation of the university developing through reaching out globally. (Suggested with blue and green map-like colouring.)

University of Greenwich Galleries logo

Greenwich University Galleries

This logo was designed to reflect three new galleries, with each coloured circle symbolising one space. The first and most vibrant green was used for the most active space - the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, the second for a multipurpose educational project space, and a more recessive blue for a less active archive space. These spots were continued across my website design to provide quick visual information to the user on where each show was to be held.