EPUB Illuminated responsive website

epub Illuminated

A site to teaching how to handcode ebooks using the Open Source format EPUB.

The Brief

My MA thesis gave me the opportunity to research and create a completely self-directed project. I set out to create a site to address the lack of online resources for learning to handcode ebooks. My aim was to create an engaging site that would empower beginners to learn to code themselves as they follow the creation of my first EPUB.

My Role

All elements of the project were self-produced, from the initial research stage, to information architecture, branding and design, content, web build, and marketing plan.


I designed the site to feel fun and friendly for those who may feel unsure about the idea of coding. Using book-like imagery and illustrations I aimed to sculpt a memorable identity for the site, so that users would remember it, recommend it and return to it.


I coded a theme for Wordpress from scratch utilising HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Jquery and selected plugins.

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    Design development using a style tile
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    The EPUB Illuminated horses are site mascots
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