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I’m a frontend web designer, illustrator, and former SEO Consultant living in London. I recently achieved an MA in Web Design and Content Planning with Distinction and have been undertaking freelance work since.

I build progressively enhanced, responsive websites. I prefer to handcode my sites where possible, and I believe that the best results happen as a result of the full integration of strategic planning, design and development. For more information take a look at my CV or find me on LinkdIn.

One of the things I love most about working online is the sharing of ideas, information and resources. I have started learning and teaching how to code ebooks using the open source format EPUB on my website EPUB Illuminated.

If you're interested in hiring me or just want to leave me a message, you can use the the form below, email me at nicola@nicolacampbell.com or find me at Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

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